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Web Fundamentals


This repository contains the slides for the Web Fundamentals module of the Ghent University course Web Development.
View the slides online.

Questions, feedback and suggestions welcome!

Please read and accept the contributor agreement before contributing.

Finding your way around

This repository contains:

How to start

A typical starting point would be to open up any index.html file, either in the root folder or any of the subfolders. This allows you to edit the contents of the corresponding slidedeck.

The slides themselves are regular HTML files, brought to life with the Shower presentation engine. They use the Clear template with a few customizations in _shared/styles/web-fundamentals.css.

You can just open the slides in your browser. from the local filesystem while editing. Alternatively, you can install gulp and run the gulp command in the root folder, which will autorefresh your browser upon changes.


Except where otherwise noted, the content of these slides is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.