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Talk ideas welcome (also if you want to hear about a topic)
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Talk ideas welcome (also if you want to hear about a topic). Just create an issue and describe the talk you would like to hold — or the topic you would like to learn more about.

  • a talk should be anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes long
  • it will be presented to a mixed group of beginners and experienced Ruby developers
  • the presentation must follow our code of conduct:
  • we welcome any topics:
    • around Ruby
    • around Rails
    • around any other Ruby web development frameworks
    • around Ruby used for other things than web development
    • around topics that might interest Ruby developers in their work life
    • around language agnostic general best practices for or experiences in web development
    • around tools, patterns and libraries in other languages than Ruby, as long as it is somehow related (JavaScript, SCSS, Android, iOS, Messaging, Databases, CI, DevOps...)

While talks usually work best, you could also organize a coding exercise. Please let us know early enough, so we can find a venue that has enough possibilities for our participants to work together on their notebooks.

Where and when

Our Ruby user group is called Barcelona on Rails and meets every 3rd Thursday of a month. While we usually meet at XING's office, exceptions do happen. So check our official channels for the latest information:


Usually our presentations are in English. If you would feel more comfortable doing a presentation in Spanish, please let us know! We might then try to organize a meetup which has your talk in Spanish and another talk in English — as we will always have some participants that don't understand Spanish well enough.

No better time than now

Now that you have all the information, please propse a talk:

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