Just a solution to Traveling Salesman Problem using Ruby and Green Shoes
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Path Optimizer

This project has developed during the Ruby with Shoes 8th Batch course of RubyLearning.org.

I was inspired this week and made a prototype of a system that tries to find the shortest path between two points.

The program was heavily inspired by the article (and source-code) of Danilo Benzatti Emergent Intelligence.

I tried to do something using Ruby and Green Shoes instead of C++.

I think what I did, is quite interesting (although there are still many bugs).

How to use (mouse-based, sorry Mac users)

  • Creating Nodes: click with the left mouse button on the panel brown. The first Node always is the anthill (blue).

  • Create routes: click with right mouse button on both nodes to connect them.

  • Activate Food Node: click with the middle mouse button (Node food is red)


A Fantastic Green Shoes App: Path-Optimizer

Start simulation

Enter the amount of interaction you want (I recommend a minimum of 50) and click Start!

Must be only a Food Node before to start the simulation.

For developers - Debug Mode

Now, to enable debugging you must call the program with debug as the parameter:

ruby debug path_optimizer.rb