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Steps defenition

  • gem install rails
  • rails new gifts.rails
  • cd gifts.rails
  • add "gem 'simple_form'" and "gem 'twitter-bootstrap-rails', git: 'git://'" to Gemfile
  • bundle install
  • rails g bootstrap:install static
  • rails g bootstrap:layout application fixed
  • rails g simple_form:install --bootstrap
  • rails g scaffold User name:string
  • rake db:migrate
  • rails g bootstrap:themed Users
  • rails s
  • rm public/index.html
  • add "gem 'nested_scaffold'" to Gemfile
  • bundle
  • rails generate nested_scaffold User/Gift description:text
  • rake db:migrate
  • rails g bootstrap:themed Gifts
  • fix views
  • add "gem 'devise' and gem 'devise_invitable'" to Gemfile
  • bundle install
  • rails g devise:install
  • rails g devise User
  • rails g devise_invitable:install
  • rails g devise_invitable User
  • rails g devise:views
  • rails g devise_invitable:views
  • add "before_filter :authenticate_user!" to ApplicationController
  • add root url
  • setup email sending
  • setup navigation (add invite, login, logout)
  • user controller, leave only index, edit, eupdate
  • UI restructure
  • setup security
  • rails g scaffold Request user_id:integer gift_id:integer
  • setup Request module
  • redesign
  • push to heroku
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