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Ruby Money::Bank interface for the Google Currency exchange data

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Google Currency

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This gem extends Money::Bank::VariableExchange with Money::Bank::GoogleCurrency and gives you access to the current Google Currency exchange rates.


require 'money'
require 'money/bank/google_currency'

# (optional)
# set the seconds after than the current rates are automatically expired
# by default, they never expire
Money::Bank::GoogleCurrency.ttl_in_seconds = 86400

# set default bank to instance of GoogleCurrency
Money.default_bank =

# create a new money object, and use the standard #exchange_to method
n = 1.to_money(:USD)

An UnknownRate will be thrown if #exchange_to is called with a Currency that Money knows, but Google does not.

An UnknownCurrency will be thrown if #exchange_to is called with a Currency that Money does not know.

A GoogleCurrencyFetchError will be thrown if there is an unknown issue with the Google Finance Converter API.


Copyright (c) 2011 Shane Emmons. See {file:LICENSE} for details.

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