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ep-wac commented May 31, 2012

This ticket turned into something I had not anticipated when I wrote 'in a sec' in the other ticket <:)

So - to spare you all my ramblings - I'll cut to the chase :)

exchange_rates could be implemented in a table and the bank (nordea gem eg.) could update_rates and be tweaked to save rates to this table

converting amounts using these exchange_rates would require us to open either the bank or the Money class and add methods to them in order to do something like

exchange_with_rate(currency, rate)

with rate being either :sell, :buy, :middle or perhaps nil (using the default exchange_to method) or perhaps a String '1.12314' or a Float 1.12314

  • cheers

Came here to ask the same exchange rate could be represented as a Money object, but by default it's not storing enough significant digits.

I don't want to redefine USD in general to store more significant digits, just a USD exchange rate. Has anyone solved this? Thanks!


semmons99 commented Nov 28, 2013

no activity, closing

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