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In the 6.1.x series, all parsing and core extensions will be moved to the monetize gem. Perhaps you could get a head start and start using it now.

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I just tried to upgrade money to 6.1.0 and I received this warning in my tests:

DEPRECATION WARNING: as of Money 6.1.0 you must `require 'monetize/core_extensions'` to use Numeric#to_money. Please start using the Monetize gem from if you are not already doing so (called from: /Users/barnacle/.rbenv/versions/2.0.0-p247/lib/ruby/gems/2.0.0/gems/money-rails-0.9.0/lib/money-rails/active_record/monetizable.rb:144)

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Yeah we really could use some help getting that migration done. Could you help?


I see the warning but in my code don't have any to_money call. Anyway have added monetize gem on my gemfile but warning is still present. It's normal or have to put require 'monetize/core_extensions' inside my Rails app? Where?

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We're working to update money-rails so you don't have to.

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@semmons99 I pushed a patch which uses the new monetize 0.1.4 and money 6.1.0.beta1. All tests of money-rails are passing! 😎

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I'm still getting the warning DEPRECATION WARNING: as of Money 6.1.0 you must `require 'monetize/core_extensions'` Is the migration still ongoing?
What is the status of this fix? How can we help?


I just installed the upgrade_to_money_6_1 branch into my current project and everything seems to be running correctly, and the deprecation warnings are gone as expected.


Monetize is up to 0.2.0 now. Do we need to be restricted to ~>0.1.4?


@chewi Monetize 0.2.0 only changed the gemspec. If your concern is missing features or enhancements, there are none.

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