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Should #humanized_money respect MoneyRails::Configuration.no_cents_if_whole? #157

djbender opened this Issue · 4 comments

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As the title says.

I'd expect #humanized_money to respect MoneyRails::Configuration.no_cents_if_whole but you can see here that #humanized_money just sets no_cents_if_whole to true every time.

I assumed that this method would respect no_cents_if_whole which led to my confusion when it did not.

Sincere thanks!


I would be aweomse if you'd submit a patch for this @djbender

@djbender djbender referenced this issue from a commit
Derek Bender gh-157 helpers respect configuration c26a62f

I've got an initial attempt in my fork, however i'm not sure why but it's failing the should include Money.default_currency.decimal_mark portion. Will continue to investigate.

@semmons99 semmons99 closed this
@kernow kernow referenced this issue from a commit in kernow/money-rails
@kernow kernow gh-157 helpers respect no_cents_if_whole configuration option 54ec426

I've created a PR for this issue with passing tests which should keep the default behaviour as it is currently.

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