Add tests to ensure numericality validator with greater_than and less_then options works (currently failing) #171

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starim commented Feb 25, 2014

When using money-rails 0.9.0 in a project, the numericality validator with the greater_than option didn't appear to be doing any validation, so I checked out the money-rails project and examined the tests. The existing tests only check that numericality validation is rejecting non-numeric values, so I added tests to check that the greater_than and less_than options are working on monetized fields as described in the readme.

These tests are currently failing. It looks like the numericality validator on monetized fields is ignoring the greater_than or less_than options.

Ideally I wouldn't dump failing tests on you, but I don't have enough familiarity with money-rails to fix the issue myself.

Brent Houghton added some commits Feb 24, 2014

Brent Houghton Add a test for a currency value of 0 passing validation, even with a …
…greater_than validator requiring a value greater than zero.
Brent Houghton Add tests that the greater_than and less_than numericality validation…
…s work on monetized model properties.

semmons99 commented Apr 21, 2014

I'd gladly merge once you figure out the build failures.

semmons99 closed this Nov 3, 2014

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