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Default subunit_unit to what was set in the config #78

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Damn you americans.


+1 :heart:


how will you handle ?

code snippet

 currency = record.send("currency_for_#{attr}")
 decimal_mark = I18n.t('number.currency.format.separator', default: currency.decimal_mark)
 thousands_separator = I18n.t('number.currency.format.delimiter', default: currency.thousands_separator)
 symbol = I18n.t('number.currency.format.unit', default: currency.symbol)

maybe let the key be

decimal_mark = I18n.t("number.currency-#{currency.iso_code}.format.separator", default: currency.decimal_mark)
RubyMoney member

Some tests would be welcome here :)


@deepak I'm not sure how your comment is relavent to this?


@ollym i had created a PR #75
which is also concerned with supporting other currencies and i found this PR useful

I am using money-rails in a current project and am going through the code.

My commit is not directly relevant to your commit
But wanted to pick @alup and your brain on how will you handle currency_separator and other configs

1. money-rails config is the single source of truth
2. specify currency in I18n config

As i said, it is not directly related to your commit
But i though it was interesting

Did not submit a PR for the same as i am using a custom validator
My input is an BigDecimal not a humanized string

@alup alup merged commit e563f9d into RubyMoney:master

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Commits on Feb 2, 2013
  1. @ollym

    Default subunit_unit to what was set in the config

    ollym committed
    Damn you americans.
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  1. +3 −3 lib/money-rails/active_record/monetizable.rb
6 lib/money-rails/active_record/monetizable.rb
@@ -35,12 +35,12 @@ def monetize(field, *args)
# Form target name for the money backed ActiveModel field:
# if a target name is provided then use it
- # if there is a "_cents" suffix then just remove it to create the target name
+ # if there is a "_{column.postfix}" suffix then just remove it to create the target name
# if none of the previous is the case then use a default suffix
if name
name = name.to_s
- elsif subunit_name =~ /_cents$/
- name = subunit_name.sub(/_cents$/, "")
+ elsif subunit_name =~ /#{MoneyRails::Configuration.amount_column[:postfix]}$/
+ name = subunit_name.sub(/#{MoneyRails::Configuration.amount_column[:postfix]}$/, "")
# FIXME: provide a better default
name = [subunit_name, "money"].join("_")
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