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valodzka commented Jul 7, 2010

Just an idea, feel free to close as 'wontfix'.

May be library should use currency sign ( as default currency symbol.


I've never heard of this. I'll research it today.


failing spec added in commit 4951ac7


fixed in commit c4a20ad

elmatou commented Nov 10, 2010

Guy's I'm bit late on this but.

I think it's not a very good idea.
As it is said in the wikipedia article you link to us, this symbol is context dependent.
It has been the cause of very uncomfortable mistakes in past. That's why it isn't very used this 1972...
If you keep this commit I'm gonna override it right now ;-)
And why I didn't blame $ ? because everybody knows that it could be any kind of dollars or pesos, or ....


This is only used when we don't know the symbol of the currency being represented. The only way for this to happen is for the developer to insert a new entry into the Money::Currency::TABLE constant at runtime without :symbol specified. I'd wager this is a rare occurrence, and one a developer would realize they're doing, since warnings will be thrown for trying to update a constant. If you know of a missing currency, by all means, please fork and submit a patch. I could also fathom a patch that allows you to change the default currency symbol (just like you can change the default bank and default currency). If that is something you would find useful, please create a new issue and we'll mark it as an enhancement.

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