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Currency symbol position when formatting #183

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after a quick look in the readme and the api doc, it seems to me that there is no option to configure wether the currency symbol is prepended (as in '$100') or appended (as in '100€') when formatting. So, in order : is this something I missed ? If not, do you want to propose this option? Are you planning to do so or can I look into it ?

Also, another option that could be of some use is having a space between the currency and the amount.

Thanks for your time !


The order is defined as part of the Currency in the :symbol_first property.

If you have specific needs that go beyond the default formatting, keep in mind you can always use #to_s and #symbol to prepare your own helper.

c =
# => #<Money cents:100 currency:USD>

puts "#{c} #{c.symbol}"
# => "1.00 $"

I would avoid haking the #format method because it's already very complex and it's really that simple to format the object the way you want using the methods above.

@semmons99 semmons99 closed this

Thanks a lot. I went with "#{c} #{c.symbol}", it indeed is clear & simple enough :)

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