with the french locale (and others), the euro symbol should be appended, not prepened #233

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In France, Germany, Italy and Spain and certainly other european countries, the currency symbol is displayed after the amount.

So, instead of €147,11, we should have 124,11€ for those locale.

The wikipedia page about the euro currency states that there is no standard and each country uses whatever it wants. Hence, we have countries that prepend (Ireland and the Netherlands, english speaking countries) and countries that append to the amount.

Is it something you would fix ?

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@mastooo: This has been talked about a lot, but we've never come away with a good solution. If you have one, please let us know.

@semmons99 semmons99 closed this Jan 3, 2013

+1 for fixing this. I am now working for the third (German) client who insists on "1,00 €".

We might need to consider the user's locale when rendering the symbol. A dirty hack would be to set this information manually (e.g. when using Rails in a before_filter):

def determine_locale
  I18n.locale = ...
  Money::Currency.table[:eur][:symbol_first] = ![:de, :es, :fr].include?(I18n.locale)

Better ideas?

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That's about the best idea I've had so far too.

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