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@@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ This plugin provides some features that simplify RubyMotion developing in Sublim
Package Control Installation
+**note:** This step requires [Package Control](
1. Open the Command Palette using **[command + shift + p]** and enter "add repository".
2. Select `Package Control: Add Repository` from the popup menu and press **[return]**
3. Enter "" to the URL field.
@@ -28,8 +30,6 @@ Package Control Installation
5. Select `Package Control: Install Package` from the popup menu and press **[return]**
6. Enter "SublimeRubyMotionBuilder" and press **[return]**
-**note:** This step requires [Package Control](
Manual Installation

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Thanks for your correction.


Hi, I'm "MrDirtJockey". I was logged into the wrong account earlier. After step 6, it tells me it was installed correctly but the build system doesn't seem to get installed. I'm not sure how to debug it. I'm going to keep looking at it and see if I can find the problem.

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