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Sample Ansible playbooks

Here are a few sample playbooks. These assume that you already have an Ansible setup going. You can then drop the files of the example directly into your setup.


  • roles/mailserver/ sets up a mail server with Dovecot, Postfix, the SSL certificates you provide yourself, SPF, and the DKIM certificates that you create.
  • roles/jenkins/ sets up a Jenkins server with a number of plugins.
  • roles/zfsupdates/ aids you in keeping ZFS up to date on your Fedora system which boots from ZFS.
  • roles/updates/ updates your system packages.
  • roles/distupgrade/ upgrades your Fedora machine to a newer release, taking appropriate recovery precautions.
  • roles/prosodyxmpp/ sets up Prosody XMPP on your Fedora box, with up-to-date XEPS for use with modern XMPP clients.
  • roles/qubeskde/ sets up KDE on any Qubes OS dom0, since Qubes OS decided to stop shipping KDE in the dom0.
  • roles/install-package deploys a package whether to a dom0 or a regular machine.
  • roles/selinux-module deploys a SELinux module type enforcement file (.te) and activates it.


  • library/ changes GConf settings on GNOME desktops, both user settings and system-wide defaults.
  • library/ loads kernel modules and ensures they are loaded after a reboot. It uses /etc/modules-load.d for the purpose.

See files inside each directory, when they exist.

Callback plugins:

  • callback_plugins/ logs playbooks in a YAML-ish colorized format. This plugin is unmaintained. Please use the Ansible built-in yaml callback plugin.


Everything under this repository is distributed under the GNU GPL v2 or later.