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Maintain your ZFS updated

This Ansible role installs ZFS on your Fedora system, and makes sure that the ZFS packages on your system are always up-to-date, down to the contents of the initial RAM disks that are necessary to boot from a ZFS root file system. It takes care of a few steps that normal DNF update does not:

  • Setting up DNF to keep old kernel-devel packages installed.
  • Wiping old DKMS-built modules and refreshing them with the new ZFS modules shipped with the ZFS updates.
  • Regenerating the initial RAM disks so they will contain ZFS and your system will boot reliably from a ZFS root.

The updated packages are fetched from the official ZFS on Linux repo.

This playbook is ideal to keep systems built by zfs-fedora-installer up-to-date, and I myself use it for that.



  1. Build and install the grub-zfs-fixer package on your target Fedora system. You can skip this step if your system was deployed using the zfs-fedora-installer system, as that system already performs this step.


Every time you want to update ZFS on your target system, run this role against it.

If you have another playbook that perform system updates, make sure to include this role as follows:


- include_role:
    name: zfsupdates
    deployzfs_stage: one

- name: task that updates your system
  package: name=* state=latest

- include_role:
    name: zfsupdates
    deployzfs_stage: one


That's all!

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