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This script lets you manage labels of the tracks in your playlist very quickly.  It is optimized for both keyboard and mouse operation.

This script requires the installation of the Amarok JS library (available through Get Hot New Stuff and at

To use it, select a few tracks in your playlist, click the Tools menu, and select Manage labels on selected tracks.  A dialog will open with a list of labels that you can check or uncheck.  Check or uncheck the checkboxes on the labels to add / remove labels on the selected tracks.  You can also expand a label to modify the labels on particular tracks.


The search box atop is quite useful.  If you type text, the label list will be filtered to show only the labels that contain said text.  At this point:

1. If the text you typed matches only one label on the list, hitting ENTER will check the checkbox on said label and clear the filter box.
2. If, however, the text you typed matches more than one label, or matches no labels at all, hitting ENTER will add a new label named after the text, check the checkbox on the new label, and clear the filter box.
3. If the text box is empty, hitting ENTER will save all changes you've made and close the labeler dialog.

In essence, this means that, if you type a few letters of the label you want to add to the tracks, and hit ENTER, the label will be added to the files.  Immediately hitting ENTER a second time will save your changes.  By example: assuming you have a label called "Sync to iPhone", you open the dialog, type "iph", hit ENTER twice quickly, all the selected tracks will now be labeled "Sync to iPhone".


You can also delete any selected labels using the button "Delete selected labels immediately" at the bottom of the dialog.  Be ware that the label removal takes effect *immediately*, and all tracks labeled with that label will be unlabeled, regardless of whether you later click Save or Close without Saving.
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