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Ledger helpers (ledgerhelpers)

This is a collection of small single-purpose programs to aid your accounting with Ledger (ledger-cli). Think of it as the batteries that were never included with Ledger.

Why should you use them? Because:

  • All the ledgerhelpers have been designed with fast data entry in mind, and they will remember or evoke existing data as needed, to help you minimize typing and other drudgery.
  • They all have launcher icons in your desktop environment -- this makes it very easy to add icons or shortcuts for them, so you can run them on the spot.

This package also contains a library with common functions that you can use in your project to make it easier to develop software compatible with Ledger.

What can you do with these programs

Usage and manuals

How to download and install

Here are instructions to install the very latest iteration of ledgerhelpers:

On Linux systems that support RPM packages:

  • Obtain the package with git clone
  • Change to the directory cd ledgerhelpers
  • Create an installable package with python bdist_rpm
  • Install the package with sudo rpm -Uvh dist/*noarch.rpm

On other Linux systems:

  • Obtain the package with git clone
  • Change to the directory cd ledgerhelpers
  • Install directly with sudo python install

On Mac OS X, the python install routine appears to have some problems, however this should be reasonably easy to fix by excluding the files in /usr/share/applications from being installed. I await for more information on how to mitigate this issue. In the meantime, the programs in bin/ can run from the source directory, but you still need to install the right dependencies, such as GTK+ 3 or later, and the Python GObject introspection library.


A collection of helper programs and a helper library for Ledger (ledger-cli)






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