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A program to convert to CSV specific sheets of an OpenOffice / LibreOffice spreadsheet
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This is a very small program, maintained and ported to Python 3, that converts specific sheets of OpenOffice / LibreOffice spreadsheets to CSV.

Its name is ssconverter. Its original and current purpose is to batch-convert any number of spreadsheets from OpenOffice or LibreOffice into CSV files, with a twist: unlike unoconv, it lets you specify which sheet of the many possible sheets in the spreadsheet file you want to convert. It's invaluable to speed up batch conversion of CSV files.

Another feature not present in the original is the ability to enable macros and recalculate the spreadsheet right before exporting it to CSV. This is useful for people who have macro-based formulas in their spreadsheets, which would otherwise export with #VALUE! in every cell position where a macro-based formula was entered.


Clone the source into a directory on your computer.

Open a terminal and navigate to that directory.

Make an RPM package which you can install by running

python3 bdist_rpm

in a terminal window.

Tnstall the created noarch RPM inside the dist/ folder.

Alternatively, you can install it using python install.


Run the program ssconverter without options to get help.


This program originated on Linux Journal.

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