example for kontraktor react/jsx SPA without nodejs (java implementation of jsx, npm and bundling)
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React JSX front end app powered by a java backend, no node/npm/webpack required


  • intrinsic react jsx transpilation
  • Ultra fast hot reloading / live editing (Disclaimer: breakpoints cannot be set inside Chrome then: use 'debugger;' instead)
  • built-in npm replacement dependency management ('JNPM') fetches missing imports on demand
  • integrated bundler/transpiler. Integrates google-clojure compiler to compile down to ES5 in production mode
  • Sophisticated java/javascript interoperation. Fulfil Promises from js by java code, server push by calling callbacks from java transparently to js client code.

Has been tested with major react-UI libs: react-material-ui, react-bootstrap and react-semantic-ui (should work with any npm powered js lib)

Server Side

  • Actor based async server (Java 8, node style threading model, but enables multithreading by assigning client sessions to additional threads)
  • (optional) Session handling, timeout, ressurrection (SPA client was away/offline and connects back)
  • Dynamically change connection type (http adaptive long poll or websockets) without code change

Very fast Live Editing / Live Reloading (updates within milliseconds after hitting 'Ctrl-S'):

Watch the video

Jnpm in action, session resurrection:

Watch the video

Getting started

Starter templates and scaffolding


Kontraktor's JSX transpilation + npm emulation

Talking from JavaScript with the Java Server

Examples for semantic-ui-react and react-bootstrap

Kontraktor home

Run this sample app


  • add project to your ide (from pom)
  • run ReactMaterialUITestApp with workingdir [...]/examples/webapp-spa/react-ui-lib-examples/react-material-ui
  • goto localhost:8080 in your browser
  • first request triggers download of required npm packages so give it like 50 seconds (wathc console)
  • set DEVMODE to false to get a (dynamically) bundled build


git clone https://github.com/RuedigerMoeller/InstrinsicReactJSX.git
cd InstrinsicReactJSX/
mvn clean package
java -jar target/bundle.jar

browser: localhost:8080 (watch console on first request isntalling dependencies ..)


  • on the initial request, all missing npm dependencies are installed by kontraktor-Jnpm, this migth take up to a minute, once (watch console) per install.
  • as source is kept in separate files during development mode, loading is somewhat slowish (~3 seconds). Set DEVMODE to false inside ReactMaterialUITestApp, restart server in order to see loading time of bundled and minified app. Even then: First request triggers bundling (cached then) as kontraktor-http favors dynamic optimization over 'pre-building' (since 4.18.5 : static build artifacts support).

Simple starter templates and scaffolding

Session resurrection

  • goto localhost:8080 login (just some dummy nick)
  • press greet button
  • restart server
  • press greet button again.

Inner workings of resurrection: once a remote call to an unknown actor is received, a lookup is done from sessionid => userid (+pwd), then a new session actor is created. After that the remotecall is routed. Client receives a notification so it might update stale data.

Of course a real world app might associate arbitrary session data with a session id. Session resurrection is important for SPA apps (especially on mobile) as one frequently loses connection or keeps an SPA open for days without "refreshing".