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test RPC/messaging point to point performance of various products. currently only

  • kontraktor

  • akka

  • RestExpress (because of latency-dependence of http 1.1 throughput, practically any rest implementation will have similar performance except for extremely crappy ones which manage significantly outstrip http 1.1 keep alive design fail)

  • finagle - wants me to fork and compile their version of thrift just to get something started. No thanks.

  • JBoss Remoting 3 - no documentation. Samples on the internet manage to send byte arrays with >100 lines of code.

  • JBoss Remoting 2 - will be added later, seems more comparable

  • Paralell Universe - current version had build failures and galaxy did not work. Also no buildable examples. Will revisit later.

Pull requests are welcome.


a) fire and forget throughput server.tellSum( a, b ); // server computes sum but does not send a reply

b) send a sumrequest and receive result async.
server.askSum( a, b ).then( result -> ... )

results see

Note: test has been updated to kontraktor 3.33 (from 3.01) this leads to a performance loss of 30-70% in results (still beating the other frameworks by a huge margin)

Reasons are practical (all of those changes can be reverted by overloading/configuring kontraktor to obtain raw throughput of 3.01-3.14):

  • remotecalls now embed their call arguments serialized (downside: slower encoding, upside: can use "routing remote actors" which route remotecalls without having knowledge of the classes passed through [no downtime when updating a distributed system])
  • switched from fixed-sized/block-if-full queues to dynamically growing unbounded queues. Bounded queues offer a performance advantage however with larger distributed systems a queue overflow easily messes up the whole system by blocking a random actor thread, so the unbounded queues are more foolproof and require less tuning and testing.


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