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Beengpaper (pronounced bingpaper) is macOS menubar application for downloading daily Bing wallpapers to your desktop
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Beengpaper (pronounced bingpaper) is a small macOS menu bar application that downloads the daily wallpaper from Bing and sets it on all of your desktops.

Bgnpaper Icon

Second (and i hope a little less ugly) version of Beengpaper icon


Beengpaper requires macOS El Captain (10.11) or later.


Download the application here, open .dmg file and drag and drop the app into Applications folder.

Building the app yourself

Beengpaper is written in Python (Python 3.7), using rumps and appscript libraries. Additionally you need py2app to build the application package and create-dmg (awesome little tool for creating dmg files you can find here).

git clone
cd beengpaper
python py2app


Q. But why?

A. Because I got bored one sunday morning, and I like Bing wallpapers.

Q. Names in the menu change but application does not change my wallpaper

A. This may be caused by one of three things:

  • You did not allow application access to System Events when it first asked (you can change it under Preferences > Security)
  • Your current wallpaper setting is "Change wallpaper every ..." in macOS preferences. Set wallpaper to static image to allow Beengpaper to work
  • Application broke because something changed in Bing stream. If you think your problem is not related to two above, pleas open an issue on GitHub.

Q. I like current wallpaper, can I keep it?

A. Of course! If you like wallpaper, just tick "Keep Wallpaper" option in menu.

Q. I like like a lot of wallpapers, can you make Beengpaper change them?

A. Not directly - you can however use "Save Wallpaper" option to save current wallpaper to a folder, and "Open saved wallpapers folder" to navigate to it and use wallpapers however you want. Please keep in maind that if you don't enable "Keep wallpaper" option while using "Change wallpaper every ..." preference, Beengpaper will interfere and may force macOS to change wallpaper randomly.

Q. How often Beengpaper checks for new wallpapers?

A. Every hour. This should be more than enough, since wallpapers change daily...

Q. How can I make Beengpaper launch on startup?

A. Unfortunately, Beengpaper cannot set itself as a launch program. You can however easily make it launch on login using macOS Preferences pane. Navigate to Preferences > Users and Groups > Login and add Beengpaper.

License and copyright

Copyright © 2019 Antoni Sobkowicz / Dragonshorn Studios.

This program is licensed under MIT license.

All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.

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