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Creating a Nation

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The Basics

You've decided you want to create your own nation. Great! It will cost you, however.

Creating a town costs 1000 gold ingots which you must have in your inventory at the time of creation. To create a nation, you must already be a mayor of an existing town. After using the command /n new <nationname>, 1000 gold ingots will be withdrawn from your inventory automatically.

Maintaining a Nation

Make sure to have some extra gold, because it costs 25 gold a day to upkeep your nation! Use /n deposit <amount> to deposit your gold into the nation bank to pay for upkeep.

Upkeep is taken each day at on a timer at roughly 1:30 PM ET. If you do not have enough gold ingots in your Town or Nation bank when upkeep is taken, your Town or Nation will fall into ruin.

For a guide on how to invite other towns to your nation, click here.

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