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Creating a Town

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The Basics

You've decided you want to create your own town. Great! It will cost you, however.

Creating a town costs 100 gold ingots which you must have in your inventory at the time of creation. To create a town, use the command /t new <townname>. It will deduct the 100 gold ingots from your inventory automatically.

Maintaining a Town

Make sure to have some extra gold in your town bank, because it costs 2 gold a day to upkeep your town! Use /t deposit <amount> to deposit your gold into the town bank to pay for upkeep.

Upkeep is taken each day at on a timer at roughly 1:30 PM EST. If you do not have enough gold ingots in your Town or Nation bank when upkeep is taken, your Town or Nation will fall into ruin.

For instructions on how to populate your town, click here

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