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How to Get Gold

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Getting Gold

Gold ingots are the currency on MCAtlas. Unlike other servers, the currency is physical, requiring you to be smart about protecting your items! There is no way for a player to deposit gold into a personal bank, although you can keep your gold safe by depositing it into Town and Nation banks.

You can get gold in three ways:

  • Mining.
  • Voting for 15 gold ingots per vote.
  • Selling and trading with other players.

Here on MCAtlas, mining is a little different than usual where you can find ores more frequently if they are in a known ore deposit in real life (e.g. diamond mining in South Africa, or gold mining in Nevada). You also have to mine at the right level to find certain ores. These are all generated based geographically off real life ore mines, so finding a map of ore deposits around the world can be helpful.

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