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(ns ^{:doc "The SIP DSL by Clojure.
Here is a simplest example show how to use it:
(use 'cljain.dum)
(require '[cljain.sip.core :as sip]
'[cljain.sip.address :as addr])
(defmethod handle-request :MESSAGE [request & [transaction]]
(println \"Received: \" (.getContent request))
(send-response! 200 :in transaction :pack \"I receive the message from myself.\"))
(global-alter-account :user \"bob\" :domain \"localhost\" :display-name \"Bob\")
(sip/global-bind-sip-provider! (sip/sip-provider! \"my-app\" \"localhost\" 5060 \"udp\"))
(sip/set-listener! (dum-listener))
(send-request! :MESSAGE :to (addr/address \"sip:bob@localhost\") :pack \"Hello, Bob.\"
:on-success (fn [& {:keys [response]}] (println \"Fine! response: \" (.getContent response)))
:on-failure (fn [& {:keys [response]}] (println \"Oops!\" (.getStatusCode response)))
:on-timeout (fn [_] (println \"Timeout, try it later.\")))"
:author "ruiyun"
:added "0.2.0"}
(:use [clojure.string :only [upper-case]])
(:require [cljain.sip.core :as core]
[cljain.sip.header :as header]
[cljain.sip.address :as addr]
[cljain.sip.message :as msg]
[cljain.sip.dialog :as dlg]
[cljain.sip.transaction :as trans]
[ :as timer]
[ :as log])
(:import [javax.sip Transaction SipProvider SipFactory]
[javax.sip.message Request Response]
[javax.sip.address Address]
[javax.sip.header HeaderAddress]
[gov.nist.javax.sip.clientauthutils AccountManager UserCredentials AuthenticationHelper]
[gov.nist.javax.sip SipStackExt]))
(def ^{:doc "A map contain these four fields: :user, :domain, :password and :display-name."
:added "0.4.0"
:dynamic true}
(defn global-alter-account [& {:keys [user domain password display-name] :as account}]
(alter-var-root #'*current-account* (fn [_] account)))
(defmulti handle-request (fn [request & [transaction dialog]] (keyword (.getMethod request))))
(defrecord AccountManagerImpl []
(getCredentials [this challenged-transaction realm]
(reify UserCredentials
(getUserName [_] (*current-account* :user))
(getPassword [_] (*current-account* :password))
(getSipDomain [_] (*current-account* :domain)))))
(defn dum-listener
"Create a dum default event listener.
You can use it for 'cljain.sip.core/set-listener!' function."
{:added "0.4.0"}
{:request (fn [request transaction dialog]
(let [transaction (or transaction (core/new-server-transaction! request))]
(handle-request request transaction dialog)))
:response (fn [response transaction dialog]
(when (not (nil? transaction))
(let [{process-success :on-success
process-failure :on-failure} (.getApplicationData transaction)
status-code (.getStatusCode response)
lead-number-of-status-code (quot status-code 100)]
(cond ; ignore 1xx provisional response
(= lead-number-of-status-code 2) ; 2xx means final success response
(and process-success (process-success :transaction transaction :dialog dialog :response response))
(or (= status-code Response/UNAUTHORIZED)
(= status-code Response/PROXY_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED)) ; need authentication
(let [header-factory (.createHeaderFactory core/sip-factory)
sip-stack (.getSipStack (core/sip-provider))
auth-helper (.getAuthenticationHelper sip-stack (AccountManagerImpl.) header-factory)
client-trans-with-auth (.handleChallenge auth-helper response transaction (core/sip-provider) 5)]
(.setApplicationData client-trans-with-auth (.getApplicationData transaction))
(trans/send-request! client-trans-with-auth))
(> lead-number-of-status-code 3) ; 4xx, 5xx, 6xx means error
(and process-failure (process-failure :transaction transaction :dialog dialog :response response))))))
:timeout (fn [transaction _]
(prn "now calling process-timeout.")
(let [process-timeout (:on-timeout (.getApplicationData transaction))]
(and process-timeout (process-timeout :transaction transaction))))})
(defn legal-content?
"Check the content is a string or a map with :type, :sub-type, :length and :content keys."
{:added "0.2.0"}
(or (string? content)
(and (map? content)
(= (sort [:type :sub-type :content]) (sort (keys content))))))
(defn- set-content!
"Parse the :pack argument from 'send-request!' and 'send-response!',
then try to set the appropriate Content-Type header and content to the message."
{:added "0.2.0"}
[message content]
(when (not (nil? content))
(let [content-type (name (or (:type content) "text"))
content-sub-type (name (or (:sub-type content) "plain"))
content-type-header (header/content-type content-type content-sub-type)
content (or (:content content) content)]
(.setContent message content content-type-header))))
(defn send-request!
"Fluent style sip message send function.
The simplest example just send a trivial MESSAGE:
(send-request! :MESSAGE :to (sip-address \"\"))
(send-request! :INFO :in dialog-with-bob)
More complicate example:
(send-request! \"MESSAGE\" :pack \"Welcome\" :to (sip-address \"\" :user \"bob\") :use \"UDP\"
:on-success #(prn %1 %2 %3) :on-failure #(prn %1 %2 %3) :on-timeout #(prn %))
If the pack content is not just a trivial string, provide a well named funciont
to return a content map like this is recommended:
{:type \"application\"
:sub-type \"pidf-diff+xml\"
:content content-object}"
{:added "0.2.0"}
[message & {content :pack
to-address :to
transport :use
dialog :in
more-headers :more-headers
on-success :on-success
on-failure :on-failure
on-timeout :on-timeout}]
{:pre [(core/provider-can-be-found?)
(bound? #'*current-account*)
(or (nil? content) (legal-content? content))
(or (and (= (upper-case (name message)) "REGISTER") (nil? to-address))
(addr/address? to-address))
(or (nil? transport) (#{"UDP" "udp" "TCP" "tcp"} transport))
(or (nil? dialog) (core/dialog? dialog))
(or (nil? more-headers) (sequential? more-headers))
(or (nil? on-success) (fn? on-success))
(or (nil? on-failure) (fn? on-failure))
(or (nil? on-timeout) (fn? on-timeout))]}
(let [{:keys [user domain display-name]} *current-account*
{:keys [ip port transport]} (if (nil? transport)
(core/listening-point transport))
domain (or domain ip)
method (upper-case (name message))]
(if (not (nil? dialog))
(let [request (dlg/create-request dialog method)
transaction (core/new-client-transcation! request)]
(dlg/send-request! dialog transaction)
(let [request-uri (if (nil? to-address)
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. "Require the ':to' option for send an out of dialog request."))
(.getURI to-address))
from-address (addr/sip-address domain :user user :display-name display-name)
from-header (header/from from-address (header/gen-tag))
to-header (if (= method "REGISTER") ; for REGISTER, To header's uri should equal the From header's.
(header/to (.getAddress from-header) nil) ; tag will be auto generated in transaction
(header/to to-address nil))
contact-header (header/contact (addr/sip-address ip :port port :transport transport :user user))
call-id-header (core/gen-call-id-header)
via-header (header/via ip port transport nil) ; via branch will be auto generated before message sent.
request (msg/request method request-uri from-header call-id-header to-header via-header contact-header more-headers)
transaction (core/new-client-transcation! request)]
(.setApplicationData transaction {:on-success on-success, :on-failure on-failure :on-timeout on-timeout})
(set-content! request content)
(trans/send-request! transaction)
(defn send-response!
"Send response with a server transactions."
{:added "0.2.0"}
[status-code & {transaction :in, content :pack, transport :use, more-headers :more-headers}]
{:pre [(core/provider-can-be-found?)
(bound? #'*current-account*)
(core/transaction? transaction)
(or (nil? content) (legal-content? content))
(or (nil? transport) (#{"UDP" "udp" "TCP" "tcp"} transport))
(or (nil? more-headers) (sequential? more-headers))]}
(let [{:keys [ip port transport]} (if (nil? transport)
(core/listening-point transport))
user (*current-account* :user)
contact-header (header/contact (addr/sip-address ip :port port :transport transport :user user))
request (.getRequest transaction)
response (msg/response status-code request contact-header more-headers)]
(set-content! response content)
(trans/send-response! transaction response)))
(def ^{:doc "Store contexts for the register auto refresh."
:added "0.3.0"
:private true}
register-ctx-map (atom {}))
(defn register-to
"Send REGISTER sip message to target registry server, and auto refresh register before
Notice: No matter the first register whether sent successfully, the register auto refresh
timer will be started. Application can choose to stop it use 'stop-refresh-register', or
let it auto retry after expires secondes."
{:added "0.3.0"}
[registry-address expires-seconds & {:keys [on-success on-failure on-refreshed on-refresh-failed]}]
{:pre [(addr/address? registry-address)
(> expires-seconds 38) ; because a transaction timeout is 32 seconds
(or (nil? on-success) (fn? on-success))
(or (nil? on-failure) (fn? on-failure))
(or (nil? on-refreshed) (fn? on-refreshed))
(or (nil? on-refresh-failed) (fn? on-refresh-failed))]}
(let [expires-header (header/expires expires-seconds)
safer-interval-milliseconds (* (- expires-seconds 5) 1000)
register-ctx (get @register-ctx-map registry-address)]
(when (nil? register-ctx)
(send-request! :REGISTER :to registry-address
:more-headers [expires-header]
:on-success (fn [& {:keys [transaction]}]
(swap! register-ctx-map assoc registry-address
{:timer (timer/run-task! #(let [request (.clone (get-in @register-ctx-map [registry-address :request ]))
request (msg/inc-sequence-number! request)
request (doto request (.removeHeader "Via"))
transaction (core/new-client-transcation! request)]
(.setApplicationData transaction
{:on-success (fn [& _] (and on-refreshed (on-refreshed)))
:on-failure (fn [& _] (and on-refresh-failed (on-refresh-failed)))
:on-timeout (fn [& _] (and on-refresh-failed (on-refresh-failed)))})
(trans/send-request! transaction)
(swap! register-ctx-map assoc-in [registry-address :request ] request))
:by (timer/timer "Register-Refresh")
:delay safer-interval-milliseconds
:period safer-interval-milliseconds
:on-exception #(log/warn "Register refresh exception: " %))
:request (trans/request transaction)})
(prn "current register-ctx-map: " @register-ctx-map)
(and on-success (on-success)))
:on-failure (fn [& _] (and on-failure (on-failure)))
:on-timeout (fn [& _] (and on-failure (on-failure)))))))
(defn unregister-to
"Send REGISTER sip message with expires 0 for unregister."
{:added "0.3.0"}
(let [refresh-timer (get-in @register-ctx-map [registry-address :timer])]
(and refresh-timer (timer/cancel! refresh-timer))
(swap! register-ctx-map dissoc registry-address)))
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