A just-for-fun programming language which compiles down to JASS (Warcraft 3). It aims to improve and replace the beloved vJASS.
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vrJASS Logo

#vrJASS Build Status

Because you deserve a better yet familiar flavor

Even better flavor than before

##What is vrJASS? A new and just-for-fun/learning-intended-to-project compiler which aims to improve and rebuild from scratch the old and loved vJASS.

##Manual/wiki? Here https://github.com/Ruk33/vrJASS/wiki

##How can I help you? If you know Java or Antlr4 you can check the repository and send me pull requests (don't worry if you don't know too much about them, I'm new too!). If you don't know these languages, let me know your suggestions, I'm open to them :)

##What does vr mean? Pick the one you like the most:

  • Beer (default), because everyone loves beer
  • Vexorian r$~%d-newbetterversionftw
  • Vexorian (creator of vJASS, respect) Ruke

##How to compile the grammar?

$ antlr4 vrjass.g4 -no-listener -visitor -o src/main/java/com/ruke/vrjassc/vrjassc/antlr4 -package com.ruke.vrjassc.vrjassc.antlr4 -encoding UTF-8

##How to compile the project? (Requires compiled grammar)

$ gradle build

##How to use the compiled vrjass? DO remember that the compiler requires a folder called "resources" with the common.j and Blizzard.j files.


Use no options to get all the available commands.

$ cd path/to/vrjassc.jar
$ java -jar vrjassc.jar file1.j [file2.j file3.w3x file4.w3m]

You can pass .j files as well as entire maps. If you want the compiled source code to be applied in the map, just use the -result option

$ java -jar vrjassc.jar file1.j file2.j -result=map.w3x

If no -result is passed the compiled output will be written in compiled-vrjass.j (which is going to be created on the folder where you are).

Errors are going to be written in the log-vrjass.j file (you can change it by using the -log option, same as the -result option).

##How to add new features? Rule of gold: write the tests before you write any code (check tests folder for some examples).

###New keyword/statement/expression See vrjass.g4

Modify and then compile the grammar.

Example: lets allow users to call a function/method using a 'doCall' keyword

In the vrjass.g4 file, look functionStatement:

	CALL expression NL;

Now add the new call alternative:

   CALL|'doCall' expression NL;

Save, compile the grammar and boala!

##Validation For the most part, validations are executed in the reference phase (see ReferencePhase.java file) (although you might also need the DefinitionPhase) but the logic of these validations is stored in the Validator class.

##Translation For this, you might wanna check the com.ruke.vrjassc.translator.expression package
and the TranslationPhase class.



To create and upload a new release

$ // make changes
$ git add ...
$ git commit ...
$ git tag release-name
$ git push origin release-name

To delete a release

$ git push origin release-name --delete