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# This file is part of the Ruleby project (
# This application is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the Ruby license defined in the
# LICENSE.txt file.
# Copyright (c) 2007 Joe Kutner and Matt Smith. All rights reserved.
# * Authors: Joe Kutner, Matt Smith
require 'model'
module MissManners
class MannersRulebook < Ruleby::Rulebook
def rules
rule :assignFirstSeat,
[Context,:context, m.state == Context::START_UP],
[Count,:count] do |vars|
guestName = vars[:guest].name
seating =[:count].value,1,true,1,guestName,1,guestName)
assert seating
path =[:count].value, 1, guestName)
assert path
retract vars[:count]
vars[:count].value = vars[:count].value + 1
assert vars[:count]
puts "assign first seat : #{seating.to_s} : #{path.to_s}"
vars[:context].state = Context::ASSIGN_SEATS
modify vars[:context]
rule :findSeating,
[Context,:context, {m.state == Context::ASSIGN_SEATS => :state}],
[Count,:count, {m.value => :countValue}],
[Seating,:seating, {m.path == true =>:p,>:seatingId,>:seatingPid, m.rightSeat=>:seatingRightSeat, m.rightGuestName=>:seatingRightGuestName}],
[Guest,:g, {>:name,>:rightGuestSex, m.hobby=>:rightGuestHobby}, == b(:seatingRightGuestName)],
[Guest,:lg, {>:leftGuestName,>:sex, m.hobby == b(:rightGuestHobby) => :hobby},, &c{|s,rgs| s != rgs} )],
[:~,Path, == b(:seatingId), m.guestName == b(:leftGuestName)],
[:~,Chosen, == b(:seatingId), m.guestName == b(:leftGuestName), m.hobby == b(:leftGuestHobby)] do |vars|
rightSeat = vars[:seatingRightSeat]
seatId = vars[:seatingId]
countValue = vars[:count].value
seating =,seatId,false,rightSeat,vars[:seatingRightGuestName],rightSeat+1,vars[:leftGuestName])
path =,rightSeat+1,vars[:leftGuestName])
chosen =, vars[:leftGuestName], vars[:rightGuestHobby] )
puts "find seating : #{seating} : #{path} : #{chosen}"
assert seating
assert path
assert chosen
vars[:count].value = countValue + 1
modify vars[:count]
vars[:context].state = Context::MAKE_PATH
modify vars[:context]
rule :makePath,
[Context,:context, {m.state == Context::MAKE_PATH => :s}],
[Seating,:seating, {>:seatingId,>:seatingPid, m.path == false =>:p}],
[Path,:path, {m.guestName=>:pathGuestName,>:pathSeat}, == b(:seatingPid)],
[:~,Path, == b(:seatingId), m.guestName == b(:pathGuestName)] do |vars|
path =[:seatingId],vars[:pathSeat],vars[:pathGuestName])
assert path
puts "make Path : #{path}"
# NOTE We had to add the priority because Ruleby's conflict resolution strategy
# is not robust enough. If it worked like CLIPS, the priority would not
# be nessecary because the 'make path' activations would have more
# recent facts supporting it. This is really an error in the Miss Manners
# benchmark, so it is not considered cheating.
rule :pathDone, {:priority => -5},
[Context,:context, m.state == Context::MAKE_PATH],
[Seating,:seating, m.path == false] do |vars|
vars[:seating].path = true
modify vars[:seating]
vars[:context].state = Context::CHECK_DONE
modify vars[:context]
puts "path Done : #{vars[:seating]}"
rule :areWeDone,
[Context,:context, m.state == Context::CHECK_DONE],
[LastSeat,:ls, { => :lastSeat}],
[Seating,:seating, m.rightSeat == b(:lastSeat)] do |vars|
vars[:context].state = Context::PRINT_RESULTS
modify vars[:context]
rule :continue, {:priority => -5},
[Context,:context,m.state == Context::CHECK_DONE] do |vars|
vars[:context].state = Context::ASSIGN_SEATS
modify vars[:context]
rule :allDone,
[Context,:context,m.state == Context::PRINT_RESULTS] do |vars|
puts 'All done'
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