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removing binding and condition methods as they cause conflicts, use "…

…b" and "c" instead
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1 parent 0b09875 commit b6179c2a939688413e1502b431038aab3846f94f Matt Smith committed
Showing with 1 addition and 9 deletions.
  1. +1 −9 lib/rule_helper.rb
10 lib/rule_helper.rb
@@ -35,19 +35,11 @@ def method
def b(variable_name)
- def binding(variable_name)
- b variable_name
- end
def c(&block)
return lambda(&block)
- def condition(&block)
- return lambda(&block)
- end
def OR(*args) args

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Why specifically were these removed? I'm looking into using Ruleby for a project I'm working on, and this is discourages me from using it a bit. Ruby puts emphasis on readable code, but a rule definition with only b and c can look really confusing and requires someone to look up documentation, or rely on code comments.

Is there a possibility of adding these back? Or perhaps if there's an issue with the method names, naming them something else?

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