Delta-Simulink is an extension of Simulink that applies additive variability (using Deltas) to Simulink models.
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Delta-Simulink [1] is an extension for simulink to model variability using delta modelling.
A description of Delta-Simulink as well as an overview of its architecture can be found at [1]. If you are interested in the topic of software varibility you can find an overview of our scientific work on that topic at [2].

Project Members

Contribute to the Project

The master branch is the latest (stable) release. The development branch is where the development takes place.
If you want to contribute code, please issue a pull request (on our GitHub project site) into the development branch.
Note: You will need to add your name to the ICLA (Individual Contributor License Agreement) for your contribution to be accepted. Please follow the instructions in the ICLA on how to submit it.

Code Guidelines

Please use se-eclipse-javastyle.epf to format your code if this is possible.
Only contribute code which passes all unit tests.


Please use the GitHub project issue tracker.



  • Initial public release.


  • LGPL V3.0
  • Allows us free use of the software.

Release notes

This product includes software (Freemarker) developed by the Visigoth Software Society