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How to be a Web A/V Artist

This is the How to be a Web A/V Artist talk by Ruth John

Versions of this talk have been seen at:


Come and be fascinated by the world of audio visualisation in a browser. This isn't just about creating stunning data vis to music! We see how we can pipe data realtime into custom properties to enhance our visuals. The speaker re-addresses how we analyse sound via the Web Audio API and proposes a better way of processing the data to better suit music, and, to top it all off, we harness the Web MIDI API for full hardware control as well. You may not think it, but this really is a talk with a great deal of take-aways and new techniques for you to consider in your coding life.

This is a fun and engaging talk where I cover a whole myriad of techniques used to create audio visuals within the browser, based on my own experiments and learnings. I use custom properties in interesting ways to enhance the way the visuals are presented and pipe the realtime data directly into the DOM. I've processed the data we receive from the analyser node of the Web Audio API to produce a more logarithmical distribution which better matches music scale and thus produces better visuals. As well as introducing the use of MIDI devices not just for sound but hardware control in a browser as well. This talk is engaging and fun but is also pretty technical and won't leave the audience disappointed :)


There are recordings of the talk


I don't upload my slides due to some problems I've had with copyright infringement.

You can find all the slides within the talk in the index file within this build. It's just an HTML file so pretty easy to navigate - all my slide notes are there as well, within the markup.

For each conference I branch, so just choose the correct branch for the correct index (no two talks are the same).


My codevember demos on codepen can be found here.

I also have a repo of 'VJ Tracks' which I use for experimentations before I add to my actual software build 'Vizra'.

The 'magic function' to readdress how we analyse audio can be found here.

Please bear in mind these are talk demos and code is very rough :)

Resources & Further Reading

Get in touch

I tend to talk about Audio, MIDI and/or real time visuals, all related to web technologies. I teach workshops about Web Audio and how you can use it in your everyday development.

I am also part of the { Live : JS } collective, where we also provide workshops, installations and shows.

You can find me on Twitter or just drop me an email


How To Be A Web A/V Artist Talk



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