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Web Workers & Worklets

A talk about web workers, the what & how, with a focus on workers in specs, like audio worklet, offline canvas and CSS Paint API among others by Ruth John

Versions of this talk have been seen at:


So to start (it's early days) I give an overview of workers, then talk about CSS Paint API, Web Audio Worklet and Offscreen Canvas.


N/A at this time


I don't upload my slides due to some problems I've had with copyright infringement (As in people taking my slides 😢).

However, you can find all the slides within the talk in the index file within this build. It's just an HTML file so pretty easy to navigate - all my slide notes are there as well, within the markup.

For each conference I branch, so just choose the correct branch for the correct index (no two talks are the same).

Examples referenced within the talk

Codepen Demos



Get in touch

I tend to talk about new web technologies, Audio, MIDI and/or real time visuals, (all still using web tech). I either do this stand-a-lone or as part of the { Live : JS } collective, where we also provide workshops, installations and shows.

You can find me on Twitter or just drop me an email