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Zel 5.0.2

Build Status

Mandatory Upgrade to at least version 4.0.0

What is Zel?

Zel is a fork of 2.1.0-1 Zcash aiming to provide a decentralized development platform via ZelFlux, ZelNodes, ZelCore and more.

Zel is PoW and "ASIC resistant" with ZelHash (Modified Equihash 125,4) with the personalisation string ZelProof and utilises the LWMA3 difficulty algorithm. The latest Kamata network upgrade activates on block 558,000 - around the 18th of March 2020. Kamata brings ZelFlux, ZelBenchd, Determenistic ZelNodes and more.

🚀 Getting Started

Please see our user guide for any and all info.

To setup a Zelnode please follow thisscript and wiki.

Need Help?

  • 📘 See the documentation at the Zel GitBook for help and more information.
  • 🔍 Join us on for support and to join the community conversation.


Dependencies and build instructions for all supported platforms: Zel GitBook

If you have the dependencies you can build Zel from source by running:

./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

🔒 Security Warnings

See important security warnings on Zcash Security Information page.


For license information see the file COPYING.