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Fixed hr/pace zones for long-term analysis #1726

laufhannes opened this issue Jan 27, 2016 · 2 comments


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commented Jan 27, 2016

From #660:

Long-term analysis will not be really possible if zones change too much. Like if you want to totally change your zone scheme - like switch to Friel's zone scheme. In other words to get long-term analysis zones need to be fixed (maybe just adjusted with age).


Calculated values for these zones have to be saved in database. That fits to your suggestion of using fixed zones for them. Not using fixed zones would require recalculations when changing zones and a much more complicated table design when using different zones for different time ranges.

How should these values be saved in database?

  • runalyze_zone_values (activityid, type, level, value), e.g. (heart rate, level 5, 360s)
  • or runalyze_zone_values_hr (activityid, level, value) and the same for pace
  • or runalyze_zone_values_hr (activityid, level_1, level_2, ...) and the same for pace

The last solution would (currently) fix the number of levels - and that's done anyway. And although it looks ugly and is not normalized, it may be the best in terms of performance. Every time values are inserted/updated/deleted, we will touch the whole set of values for one activity.


  • For which values do we need long-term analysis?
    • heart rate
    • pace
    • power
  • How many zones? Based on which unit?
  • Sport type specific? (requires #1479)

Still see #1151. (This one could be declared as a duplicate, I just wanted to sum up what we've discussed so far.)


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commented Jan 27, 2016

My suggestions:

  • heart rate zones are probably valid for all sport types
  • power zones are valid for all sport types (only relevant for cycling, I guess)
  • pace zones should be individual for sport types

In addition, definitions for these zones and respective limits should not be overcomplicated. Long-term analysis is thought to give the 'big picture' of long-term changes in one's training. It does not matter that much whether a zone ends at 4:00/km or 4:05/km (or at 90%HRmax or 92%HRmax). It's just important to use enough zones.


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commented Jan 29, 2016

It's important to have different zones for different sports. At least running, cycling and swimming. Also different HRMax vaues are needed for these. Otherwise there'd be not much value in looking at the zones for cycling&swimming.

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