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Free as in ‘free speech’, ‘free beer’ and ‘free from tyranny’.
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A free, secure NationStates++ alternative. Free as in ‘free speech’, ‘free beer’ and ‘free from tyranny’.

Folder structure

  • version: The current version of the userscript. Polled by LibreNS++ when checking for updates.
  • LibreNSpp.user.js: The final userscript. Install this with a GreaseMonkey-compatible userscript browser/extension.
  • src/: The actual JavaScript source code and the assets.
  • src/LibreNSpp.user.js: The base m4 file used to generate the final userscript.
  • src/ The bash script used to encode resources and run m4.
  • src/ The bash script used to format JavaScript files.
  • src/header.js: The UserScript header.
  • src/cosmetic.js: Some cosmetic adjustments.
  • src/compat.js: Backend work to ensure we can always save data.
  • src/notify.js: A small notification system
  • src/pageAll.js: Code run on all pages, such as the insertion of the puppet switcher.
  • src/puppets.js: Puppet management code.
  • src/pageRegion.js: Code run on region RMB pages.
  • src/pageRegionalDispatch.js: Code run on regional setting dispatch editor.
  • src/settings.js: The settings page (page=blank/x-librenspp=settings).
  • src/basic.js: Basic code. Determines which functions to run based on location.
  • src/assets/: Binary files LibreNS++ needs to run.
  • src/assets/normal/: The assets in their typical form.
  • src/assets/baked/: The assets after being encoded by
  • include/: JavaScript libraries automatically bundled with LibreNS++.

Third-party assets used

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