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Staking is as easy as 𝛑 with Runebase.

  1. Download the Desktop wallet for your operating system at or
  2. Install and open your newly downloaded wallet
  3. Let the wallet sync.
  4. We recommend you encrypt your wallet
  5. Generate a address and Collect some Runes at our faucet ( or Purchase Runes at an Exchange and send them to your Desktop Wallet.
  6. After receiving your Runes it will take 500 confirmations to become eligible for staking. each confirmation takes around ~2min. you can follow the confirmations of your transaction at our blockexplorer: or in you runebase wallet in the transaction section
  7. Wait for 500 confirmations
  8. To start staking simply unlock your wallet and keep it running you can hover the icon in bottom-right of your wallet to see if your wallet is staking
  9. You will now have a chance to be picked by the system for producing blocks. each time you get picked by the system your runes will go into stake for 500 confirmations and you will receive the blockreward of 100 runes.
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