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Deploy Token With GUI

Create Token

  1. Create an Empty work environment on

  1. Create a new file

  2. Copy the RRC223 SampleToken code from

  1. Select the correct Compiler version

  1. Enable Optimization

  1. Go to line 144 and edit according to your Token specifications

  1. Make sure you recompiled your new code

  1. Use the dropdown selectbox to select the contract you earlier renamed

  1. deploy your Token on testnet first, to make sure if works. (if you need RUNES on testnet, You can get them for free by asking in one of our community channels) Start your Runebase Testnet Wallet.

  1. Open the Smart Contract Tab

  1. Click the Bytecode Button to copy the results to your clipboard

  1. Paste the results in your favorite text editor

  1. Look For "object", you want to copy everything that is between the quotation of that object

  1. Paste Results to your Wallet -> Create Contract -> bytecode

  1. Copy The ABI

  1. Paste Results to your Wallet -> Create Contract -> interface (ABI)

  1. Choose an address to send from. (keep the keys to this address somewhere safe, it is the owner of the contract)

  1. Create the contract

  1. Copy the result information to a local document (for later use)

  1. Wait for the transaction to confirm

  1. Copy your contract address

  1. go to RRC Tokens -> Add Token

  1. Paste Contract address

  1. Select your Token address (The address you used earlier when you created the contract)

  1. Confirm

  1. Enable log events and restart the wallet (optional)

now let's play around abit and mint some extra tokens..

Mint Extra Tokens

  1. Go to Smart Contracts -> Send To

  1. paste your contract address

  1. Paste the interface (ABI) of your token

  1. Select Mint

  1. Copy your contracts owner address you used to create the token

  1. Go to Help -> Debug Window

  1. Go to Console

  1. type "gethexaddress " example: gethexaddress 5Xp7SfbsqH8oU4FjTWiZGW3Nhdn9LjopeU

  1. Copy result hex address

  1. Paste Hex Address to "address_to"

  1. Enter the amount you want to Mint in satoshis (in our example we will Mint 120000 Tokens) 12000000000000

  1. Select the Contract Owner address

  2. Send to Contract

  1. Wait for Transaction to confirm

  1. Check for Minted Tokens

Testnet Explorer:

(Transacting Tokens Require the transaction cost to be paid in RUNES with the sender address) Play around until your are comfortable. You are now ready to repeat the process and deploy your token on MainNet

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