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Runestone Development Roadmap

The ideas below need to have details and design added. Some ideas have been on the TODO list for several years, others are new.

Runestone Server

Goal: Serve 2 million students a day

  • Complete Python 3 transition. Status: PR #1216 provides all known Python 3 syntax updates. However, the grading unit tests fail. Help is needed!
  • Complete unittest coverage.
    • Every endpoint should be thoroughly tested. A number of endpoints raise exceptions -- see FIXME comments.
    • New tests that allow testing client-side JS interactions with the server need to be developed.
    • Old tests which rely on pre-populated data should be ported to the new test framework and use synthetic data. This includes all tests in,, and along with some code in
  • Move to dynamic pages for all books rather than the (re)build system. See RSE-0006.
  • Add Visualizations from the the AC dashboard to the instructors page
  • Tree View for selecting exercises should have icons to indicate autogradeable and possibly question type and difficulty to make it easier for instructors to find appropriate questions
  • Progress page needs to be re-done to improve performance for large courses
  • Complete work on LTI integration with Canvas/Moodle and others with simple interface for teachers to set up
  • Run our own JOBE server for Java, et. al.
  • Dockerize
  • Mastery-based learning environment -- cannot continue to next chapter until demonstrated mastery over current
  • Supporter badges
  • Copy assignments from course to course
  • Add a checkbox so that an assignment may actually be used as a timed quiz. This would simply mean adding the wrapping a timed wrapper around all of the questions when the page is rendered.
  • template assignments for all courses based on FOPP?
  • Could we show page by page progress on every page of the book...
  • Revive code coach
    • Lint support
    • intelligent TIE integration


Goal: To be the LaTeX of interactive authoring environments

  • Continue to build out pair programming features
  • Better Python3 support in Skulpt
  • Add blocks language support
  • Integration with Collab or Jupyterlab
  • Add spreadsheet directive RSE-0007
  • Update CodeLens to support Java, C++, Javascript
  • debugger for activcode
  • Create a REPL directive to include REPL in text
  • support SQL in activecode
  • Incorporate Brett Victor / Swift Playground ideas into activecode
  • create a sound module for sphinx to manipulate sound waves
  • Update dragndrop to allow for multiple matches with same category
  • Enhance the Altair module to allow for more complex/compound graphs


Goal: Provide the best, most compelling content for introductory computer science and data science at all levels (middle school, high school, college, university)

  • Many more Exercises can/should be autograded
  • Revisions to FOPP based on this year's feeedback
  • Finish the web fundamentals textbook
  • Instructor guide moved inside the textbook [make it a payable feature?]
  • Better pre/post tests for each chapter of FOPP
  • redo screencast videos
  • Possible new introductory material for 101
  • Re-design the look and feel of the textbook
    • improve the ability of students to navigate
    • provide feedback on progress at the bottom of each page
      • make it more clear when a student is on a non-login page versus the correct page for their course


  • Move to Python3 grammar
  • Implement more Python3 features
  • Fix known problem in the image module with loading images from the assignment page
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