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PcapParser is a program aiming at defragment ip fragments and ressembling tcp of DNS packages. Now this program only reads PCAP file as input and output a PCAP file. More features might be added if there are new requirements.


This program is written in Golang, so make sure you get Golang installed before you installing this program.

This program depends on 'libpcap' library, which can be downloaded from the tcpdump project page. On a Debian or Debian-derived system installation will look something like this:

$ sudo apt install libpcap-dev

Which you also need is a Golang network parse library called Gopacket from google, you can easily get it using go get command

$ go get

Then you can easily get source code in same way

$ go get

Build gopacket first

$ go build

Then build 'PcapParser'

$ go build


You can simply run PcapParser by

./PcapParser -in input -out output

'input' is the file path of input pcap file and output is the file path of output pcap file. To see the dicription of Other option:

./PcapParser -h

You may all want to put PcapParser into /user/sbin for using it as a command.

If have any suggestion to improve the program please