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Let’s Trip is a global social project based on blockchain technology, where users can take an active part in creating the historical and tourist ecosystem of the world, and the crypto- currency will become the main driver of content generation.

Traveling by train past an unknown village, walking alongside an old house or just riding a bicycle across a bridge, ask yourself, if you know interesting facts or the history of theseplaces? Imagine: there is the world's unique fish in the river under this bridge; a scientist that invented the radio lived in this house; the station platform, paved with stone from Spain,was made back in 1895. Every day people are walking by hundreds of interesting places not knowing its history or meaning. We’re forgetting history, losing the thread of the past, ceasing to be interested in the world around us. Cryptocurrency LST will change the perception of traveling.

Let’s Trip is a project that won't miss anything. Users from all over the world will help to create a real service for the coming decades. Let’s Trip has no competitors in its niche, and the reach of a potential audience is more than 1.2 billion people (The World Tourism Orga- nization) from more than 90 countries. The fundamental idea of Let’s Trip really works, theconfirmation is more than 10,000 users in the Russian Federation already, and this figurecontinues to grow every day.




A train. Long road - 18 hours! You are on the road, looking out the window from your com- partment. You drive past cities, factories, rivers, monuments, sights ... But what do you know about these places if you are not a historian?

Moving through stations, you become interested - what kind of place is it, what its history? You are looking for answers to your questions on the Internet. It turned out, in this city, back in 1917, the Tsar of the Russian Empire, Nicholas II, resigned the throne. Interesting, isn't it?

Why did you want to search for this information - you had nothing to do or tired of watch- ing a movie? Why there is no such service that would tell you about the history of near located places? And the idea was born - to develop an app that tells what notable is nearby you.

The idea embodied the goal - to help people learn more. There are thousands of interesting places around the world that we know almost nothing about. Walking around your home-town, you may not know the history of the sights you pass by every day. For all the infor- mation you need to read a lot of books and websites. It's easier with Let’s Trip! After install- ing the app, you will receive information about interesting places all over the world: from megalopolises to small villages. We invite all users to contribute to the development of theservice: add interesting locations on the global map; tell city's, village's, and town's stories;describe the sights, flora, and fauna. The Let’s Trip cryptoactives will stimulate the content generation.


Distribution of coins

ICO ETH 10% 500 000 000

ICO TRX 15% 750 000 000

Partnership 5% 250 000 000

Let’s Trip ecosystem 25% 1 250 000 000

Let’s Trip fund 25% 1 250 000 000

Team 10% 500 000 000

Bounty 10% 500 000 000


Mikhail Khudokormov. CEO 
In the IT industry since 2010. Became interested in blockchain technology in 2016. Let’s Trip project author. 
Ruslan Edikhanov. COO 
Programmer, bachelor, in the IT-industry since 2005. Blockchain technologies development and integration since 2015. 
Evgeny Shaltinskiy. CTO & DEV 
In the IT industry since 2011. Knowledge: Java, Groovy, Solidity, Javascript, HTML, SQL. Backend development and integration since 2014. 
Georgiy Shaginian. IOS DEV 
IOS-developer since 2009. The main focus on working with maps, co-author and developer of the “Gde Schaverma?” application (More than 150,000 downloads), developer of the blockchain-exchange mob app GENESIS.VISION. 
Sergey Andrianov. PM 
In the IT industry since 2001. Integration of cloud services of blockchain technologies, communication with the development department. 
Stanislav Kaurov. DATA 
In the IT since 2009. Specializes in big data, knowledge: .Net, HTML, SQL. 
Taras Moskalyuk. DEV 
In the IT industry since 2012. Knowledge: C #, Ruby on rails, Bitrix Framework, JavaScript, .Net, HTML, SQL. 
Tatyana Cimbalyak. DEV 
In the IT industry since 2014. Knowledge: C #, Java, JavaScript, .Net, HTML, SQL, DevExpress Report. 
Armine Avakimyan. DEV 
In the IT industry since 2015. Knowledge: C #, JavaScript, .Net, HTML, SQL.
Kvan Te Su. CONTENT 
In the IT since 2014. Author of the information part of the project. Profile – content integration into the Let’s Trip database. 
Madina Mukazhan. WRIGHT 
In the IT industry since 2016. Content selection, SMM. 
Dmitriy Trusov. SMM 
In the IT industry since 2015. Author of the Telegram channels about news and events (more than 310 000 real followers). 
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