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; HPCC SYSTEMS software Copyright (C) 2012 HPCC Systems®.
; Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
; you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
; You may obtain a copy of the License at
; Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
; distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
; See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
; limitations under the License.
; This file is directly used by the linker, and should warn about any clashes.
; Reserved:
; C++ compiler:
; cl.exe 00400000 00410000 fixed
; c1.dll 10600000 106A4000
; c1xx.dll 10400000 10522000
; c2.dll 10700000 107B5000
; link.exe 00400000 00472000 fixed
; Rest of the system: (sizes approx 2x current debug size)
; name base-addr max-size
ftsslave 0x00400000 0x00100000
jlib 0x00500000 0x00100000
bcd 0x00600000 0x00040000
eclrtl 0x00640000 0x00040000
dab 0x00680000 0x00040000
remote 0x006C0000 0x00090000
dalift 0x00750000 0x00040000
dataxfer 0x00790000 0x00020000
hthor 0x00700000 0x00050000
deftype 0x00750000 0x00050000
thorhelper 0x007a0000 0x00140000 ; doesn't load in parallel with the following entries
deffile 0x00820000 0x000e0000
loader 0x00960000 0x00040000
; HOLe specific dlls
hoparse 0x00A00000 0x000D0000
hons 0x00AD0000 0x00030000
readscript 0x00B00000 0x00080000
processor 0x00C00000 0x00060000
collator 0x00C00000 0x00060000
hoserver 0x00C00000 0x00080000
hoagent 0x00C00000 0x00060000
msortdll 0x00C00000 0x00100000
pipeline 0x00D00000 0x00060000
commonext 0x00E00000 0x00010000
socache 0x00E20000 0x00010000
querydll 0x00480000 0x00100000
; ecl server etc.
hql 0x00A00000 0x00300000
hqlcpp 0x00D00000 0x00280000
; eclplus etc.
fileviewer 0x00D00000 0x00060000
; eclagent style program
fileservices 0x00C00000 0x00060000
workunitservices 0x00C60000 0x00010000
; for thor (intentional overlap with hole only dlls)
activityslaves 0x00A00000 0x000D0000
activityslaves_lcr 0x00A00000 0x000D0000
activitymasters 0x00A00000 0x000D0000 ; never slaves/master in same process
activitymasters_lcr 0x00A00000 0x000D0000 ; never slaves/master in same process
graph 0x00B00000 0x00075000
graph_lcr 0x00B00000 0x00075000
graphslave 0x00B80000 0x00080000
graphslave_lcr 0x00B80000 0x00080000
graphmaster 0x00B80000 0x00080000 ; never in same process as graphslave
graphmaster_lcr 0x00B80000 0x00080000 ; never in same process as graphslave_lcr
mfilemanager 0x00D00000 0x00075000
mfilemanager_lcr 0x00D00000 0x00075000
dalibase 0x00D80000 0x00100000
mp 0x00E90000 0x00020000
environment 0x00EB0000 0x00050000
sasha 0x00F00000 0x00020000
dfuwu 0x00F00000 0x00020000
workunit 0x00F20000 0x00080000
jhtree 0x00FA0000 0x00060000
dllserver 0x01000000 0x00040000
mysql 0x01040000 0x00040000
boostregex 0x01080000 0x00120000
icuuc 0x011A0000 0x000A0000
icuin 0x01240000 0x000C0000
icudata 0x01300000 0x00810000
snmputils 0x014A0000 0x00040000
schedulectrl 0x014E0000 0x00040000
roxiecommlib 0x01600000 0x00080000
; plugins.
parselib 0x01500000 0x00020000
logging 0x01520000 0x00020000
auditlib 0x01540000 0x00020000
; More could add /FIXED attributes to the linker options to reduce file size
; especially the .exe should have no effect