Elpscrk - Mr.Robot Password Generator & Brute Force Program
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elpscrk - Mr.Robot

Brute Force & Password Generating Program from Mr.Robot

PC & iOS Useable!

Elpscrk v4 is a mix of my 2 programs elpscrkv3 and RoBrutev8! This new edition includes automated brute force attacks; meaning all you have to do is plug in the target and elpscrk will scan for ssh, http, https, and http-alt and then proceed to brute force! Scanning checks for key elements in the HTML of the target website and proceeds to identify them inorder to figure out what post data must be submitted!


root@elliot$ elpscrk -list <file>.list-add <keyword>; <unlimited keywords>

root@elliot$ elpscrk -ip <domain/ip> -usr <username> -psw <password file>


root@elliot$ Scanning Complete <- This means the program has finished finding the attack vectors!

root@elliot$ <HTTP|HTTPS|SSH|HTTP-ALT> Vector <- This means the program has found a successful login!

root@elliot$ Password: <Successful Password>


root@elliot$ Invalid <- This means you screwed up the commands horribly! :D

root@elliot$ Unable/No Login Services <- Program was unable to find attackable vectors

root@elliot$ Successfully Failed <- Program went through all the passwords and none of them worked!