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Free and useful Audio, DSP and music libraries written in Rust. Discourse Discord

Popular repositories

  1. cpal Public

    Cross-platform audio I/O library in pure Rust

    Rust 1.2k 194

  2. rodio Public

    Rust audio playback library

    Rust 799 127

  3. vst-rs Public

    VST 2.4 API implementation in rust. Create plugins or hosts. Previously rust-vst on the RustDSP group.

    Rust 674 69

  4. dasp Public

    The fundamentals for Digital Audio Signal Processing. Formerly `sample`.

    Rust 454 41

  5. PortAudio bindings and wrappers for Rust.

    Rust 293 83

  6. A library for chaining together multiple audio dsp processors/generators, written in Rust!

    Rust 253 15


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