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Tolerate invalid UTF-8 in comment header reading

Users had problems with files with
invalidly formatted comments.
See the added comment.
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est31 committed Nov 11, 2018
1 parent 5439664 commit 4b9e704e5ddff1a55b304623492d5080fa17b3b7
Showing with 12 additions and 1 deletion.
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@@ -331,7 +331,18 @@ pub fn read_header_comment(packet :&[u8]) -> Result<CommentHeader, HeaderReadErr
let comment_length = try!(rdr.read_u32::<LittleEndian>()) as usize;
let mut comment_buf = vec![0; comment_length]; // TODO fix this, we initialize memory for NOTHING!!! Out of some reason, this is seen as "unsafe" by rustc.
try!(rdr.read_exact(&mut comment_buf));
let comment = try!(String::from_utf8(comment_buf));
let comment = match String::from_utf8(comment_buf) {
Ok(comment) => comment,
// Uncomment for closer compliance with the spec.
// The spec explicitly states that the comment entries
// should be UTF-8 formatted, however it seems that other
// decoder libraries tolerate non-UTF-8 formatted strings
// in comments. This has led to some files circulating
// with such errors inside. If we deny to decode such files,
// lewton would be the odd one out. Thus we just
// gracefully ignore them.
Err(_) => continue,
let eq_idx = match comment.find("=") {
Some(k) => k,
// Uncomment for closer compliance with the spec.

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