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PortAudio bindings and wrappers for Rust.
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rust-portaudio Build Status

PortAudio bindings and wrappers for Rust.

PortAudio is a free, cross-platform, open-source, audio I/O library.

rust-portaudio is still under development, so there may be bugs - please feel free to add an issue or even better, submit a PR!

To use rust-portaudio in your own project, add it to your Cargo.toml dependencies like so:

portaudio = "X.Y.Z"


rust-portaudio will try to detect portaudio on your system and, failing that (or if given the PORTAUDIO_ONLY_STATIC environment variable on the build process), will download and build portaudio statically. If this fails please let us know! In the mean-time, you can manually download and install PortAudio yourself.

On Mac OS X, you may need to install manually portaudio and pkg-config (using brew, run brew install portaudio and brew install pkg-config)

rust-portaudio is built using cargo, so just type cargo build at the root of the rust-portaudio repository.

You can build the tests and examples with cargo test, and the documentation with cargo doc.

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