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New mentees

Welcome to awesome rust mentors! This project is a curated list of Rustaceans who are ready and willing to act as mentors to new Rustaceans looking to get more involved in the language and/or its community. If that sounds interesting to you, check out the rules and our list of mentors, pick one at random or maybe based off of their bio, and make a friend!

Expectations For Mentees

Mentees are expected to...

  • Remember that our mentors are all volunteers, be kind and friendly.
  • Inform us if you have any problems with your mentor, such as violating the Code of Conduct (CoC) or being non responsive for a long period of time (approximately > 1 week or so).
  • Provide feedback, on this repository or on your mentor, let us know if there are any ways in which we are not serving your needs, this project is all about you after all, help us help you.

Missing Mentor Topics

If there are any topics of interest that you're looking for that aren't covered by any of the mentors here just open an issue to let us know! We will do our best to find a mentor for that topic / library / whatever and get them to sign up.

If you're looking for someone to mentor solutions for just look for mentors that have as one of their mentor topics, they will be happy to help.

Code of Conduct

All mentors and mentees are expected to abide by the Rust community code of conduct. Violators will be removed from this list.

New Mentors

To apply, please open a PR that adds an entry for yourself to _includes/

Expectations For Mentors

Mentors are expected to...

  • Be a friend and guide to your mentee, be their constant cheerleader, and enable them to achieve their goals.
  • Provide constructive feedback, pass on things you've learned in the course of working in open source.
    • For example, if your mentee is working on something cool encourage them to blog about it, give a talk about it at a local meetup, or both!
  • Be responsive, approximately < 1 day for a response is a good goal. Not getting feedback for long periods of time can be discouraging, even if all you can do is say that you're busy, try to respond promptly.
  • Introduce your mentee to other Rustaceans. You aren't expected to know everything that your mentee might be interested in, but knowing people who can help and facilitating introductions is important.

Mentors are not expected to...

  • Be a tutor. Mentors and Tutors are not the same, one advises, the other teaches. You are not expected to teach your mentee the language, only to advise them on how to participate in the Rust community.
  • Be a manager. You're not expected to assign work to your mentees and make sure it gets done, thats a job in its own right. Though if you're maintaining a project that your mentee is getting involved in maybe this doesn't apply to you, but that's more of a maintainer role than a mentor role.
  • Be paid. This is a volunteer service. Please do not plan on asking mentees to pay you for your time.

Project Mentorship


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Individual Mentorship


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