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  • Requirements
    • There is sound so unmute your headphones / speakers
    • The Game is exclusively played with a 2+ button + mousewheel mouse
    • The Game itself should contain all the info needed to play
  • Start
    • Start - view intro and start the game
    • Skip intro - go directly to the game
  • Controls
    • Left Click - Take Picture
    • Mouse Wheel - Camera Zoom In/Out
    • Right click - Camera Lock/Unlock
    • Move mouse - Camera Pan
  • Camera GUI
    • Top Left - Battery
      • Taking pictures drains your Battery
      • The battery will slowly charge
      • If you drain all your battery, you won't be able to access the Camera until it is recharged!
    • Top Middle - Objectives
      • Take a picture of a subject to clear the Objective
      • Clear all the Objectives and hit the Share Button!
    • Top Right - Current Sun/Moon Position
    • Bottom Right - View Gallery
      • You can view all the Pictures you took
      • You can click each picture to view full screen
        • Click the Full Screen Picture again to close
      • Delete Button
        • Each Gallery Thumb Nail has a Delete Button
          • This Deletes the Picture (without confirmation)
    • Bottom Left - Controls
  • Sources
  • Special Thanks
    • BDaenen / Vassildador - For all the help with crushing the file size and overal gamedev (morale) support!


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