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Bevy_physimple is a collision detection(and solver) plugin for the bevy game engine.

Current state

I keep updating it wwith every bevy update, and will probably continue to do so for as long as I can spare the time for it(which is for quite some time currently), but I shifted focus to making/trying to make games in my free time, so the big stuff I need/want to do will have to wait for now.


Because I love physics and I love programming, so what is better? Physics programming! Besides, simulation physics can be restricting when you want to do some weird physics behavior for games, and eventually I want people to be able to use this crate as a simple collision solver.

What is currently working?

  • Square, Circle, Capsule and custom collision shapes
  • Sensors, Static and normal kinematic bodies
  • Rays

What doesn't work/is currently buggy?

  • Continuous collision is now disabled and awaiting a rewrite
  • Scale doesn't affect the shapes
  • You can push objects through walls, if the wall is too thin the object might tunnel through it
  • Probably some more stuff, please tell me when something isn't working properly(and isn't written here, or has an issue)


Clone the repo, and run

cargo run --example showcase --release

Or check out the file.

Bevy — physimple versions

bevy physimple
0.5 0.1.0 — 0.2.0
0.6 0.3.0
0.7 0.4.0
0.8 0.5.0 - current

Features todo list

  • Better manual ray casting support
  • Support multiple shapes on the same object(now possible with CollisionShape::Multiple)
  • Better/Rewrite continuous collision
  • Make continuous collision (fully) optional
  • Start adding 3D support
  • Add bugs to fix
  • A new simple platformer game example
  • A new simple top down game example


A physics lib for the bevy game engine based on physme







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