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Welcome to CQ.ipynb

Try CadQuery


Interested in CadQuery? Excellent! This repository is the right place to be. Clicking the Binder button above should launch a temporary Juypter server for you to play around in.

In it you will find several CadQuery example scripts which are very helpful for new users.

There are several different methods for using CadQuery that don't require Jupyter Notebooks, but the philosphy behind Jupyter fits nicely with what CadQuery aims to achieve. As such, we hope you enjoy using it here!

We Love Your Help

CadQuery has a small yet growing community, so things may not be perfect here. If you see something wrong, or have suggestions for improvements, feel free to do any of the following:

Sources and Credit

The example notebooks are all taken from the CadQuery example scripts, which have been compiled over time by various users and contributers.

Many thanks to the efforts of all people involved with each part of this. :)

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