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from app.config.cplog import CPLog
from app.lib.cron.eta import startEtaCron, etaQueue
from app.lib.cron.renamer import startRenamerCron
from app.lib.cron.movierss import startMovieRSSCron
from app.lib.cron.kinepolisrss import startKinepolisRSSCron
from app.lib.cron.traktwatchlist import startTraktCron
from app.lib.cron.imdbwatchlist import startImdbWlCron
from app.lib.cron.subtitle import subtitleQueue, startSubtitleCron
from app.lib.cron.trailer import startTrailerCron, trailerQueue
from app.lib.cron.yarr import startYarrCron
from import movieSearcher
from import Searcher
from app.lib.sabNzbd import sabNzbd
from app.lib.nzbget import nzbGet
from app.lib.transmission import transmission
from cherrypy.process import plugins
import cherrypy
import sys
log = CPLog(__name__)
class CronJobs(plugins.SimplePlugin):
config = {}
threads = {}
searchers = {}
def __init__(self, bus, config, debug):
plugins.SimplePlugin.__init__(self, bus)
self.config = config
self.debug = debug
def start(self):
config = self.config"Starting Cronjobs.")
self.config = config
yarrSearch = Searcher(config, self.debug);
movieSearch = movieSearcher(config);
self.searchers['yarr'] = yarrSearch
self.searchers['movie'] = movieSearch
#trailer cron
trailerCronJob = startTrailerCron(config, self.debug)
self.threads['trailer'] = trailerCronJob
self.searchers['trailerQueue'] = trailerQueue
#subtitle cron
subtitleCronJob = startSubtitleCron(config, self.debug)
self.threads['subtitle'] = subtitleCronJob
self.searchers['subtitleQueue'] = subtitleQueue
etaCron = startEtaCron(config, self.debug)
self.threads['eta'] = etaCron
self.searchers['etaQueue'] = etaQueue
#renamer cron
renamerCronJob = startRenamerCron(config, self.searchers, self.debug)
self.threads['renamer'] = renamerCronJob
#Movie RSS cron
MovieRSSCronJob = startMovieRSSCron(config, self.searchers, self.debug)
self.threads['MovieRSS'] = MovieRSSCronJob
#Kinepolis RSS cron
KinepolisRSSCronJob = startKinepolisRSSCron(config, self.searchers, self.debug)
self.threads['KinepolisRSS'] = KinepolisRSSCronJob
#Trakt cron
TraktCronJob = startTraktCron(config, self.searchers, self.debug)
self.threads['Trakt'] = TraktCronJob
#IMDB Watchlist cron
IMDBCronJob = startImdbWlCron(config, self.searchers, self.debug)
self.threads['IMDBWl'] = IMDBCronJob
#nzb cronjob
yarrCronJob = startYarrCron(config, self.debug, yarrSearch)
yarrCronJob.sabNzbd = sabNzbd(config)
yarrCronJob.transmission = transmission(config)
yarrCronJob.nzbGet = nzbGet(config)
self.threads['yarr'] = yarrCronJob
#log all errors/tracebacks to logfile
#sys.stderr = LogFile('stderr')
def stop(self):"Stopping Cronjobs.")
for t in self.threads.itervalues():
if t.quit:
start.priority = 70
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